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Upcoming Events

Lights on the Hill Truck Convoy Memorial Service Sat Feb 25th Gatton Showgrounds

Piper Joe will be performing at the Memorial Service.

Kokoda Mates for Mates Trek April 10th 

Piper Joe will be performing at this wonderfully moving Kokoda service.

Make every event memorable and unique

Aussie-Scot Events is an Ipswich based event business. It started with Piper Joe McGhee and his love for the traditional bagpipes.

Piper Joe McGhee and Aussie-Scot Events can provide bagpipes for any occasion you require. Take a look at some of the memorable occasions that we've added that special touch of bagpipes too.

  • Weddings - Piper for weddings, Ipswich, Brisbane and South East Queensland
  • Funerals - A Piper for a funeral adds a special touch. Piper Joe available at short notice, anywhere in Ipswich, Brisbane and South East Queensland
  • Birthdays - Having Piper Joe at a birthday can add a unique way to celebrate that special day
  • Anniversaries - Piping at Anniversaries makes the day much more special and unique
  • Official Openings - Piping at an official opening of any function or event adds such a stirring and memorable start to the event
  • Functions and Special Events - Bagpipes at your function or Special Event, including having Piper Joe as your MC, will make your special event unique

Joe has been piping for a number of years, and has been fortunate to have taken part in some wonderful, moving and memorable occasions. Apart from his bagpiping, Joe enjoys organising events, is well-renowned for adding a personal touch as MC (Master of Ceremony) at funcions, being Producer of the multi-award winning Ipswich International Tattoo, and perhaps his proudest achievement of being named Ipswich Volunteer of the Year for his community involvement. Versatility is his strong point.

Weddings are a specialty

"Joe's musical renditions at our wedding were emotive, provocative and beautiful and brought that poignant sound that only bagpipes can product. We would highly recommend Joe to be a part of anyone's special event... you won't be disappointed."

Alex and Bill Hoare

"Having Joe play at our wedding was the perfect addition to a magical day. His musicianship and flair made the whole event even more special"

David and Lisa Campbell

Functions and Special Events

It is my pleasure to express my support for Mr Joe McGhee and his business venture of Aussie-Scot Events. Whilst Joe is of course Scottish, as Mayor of the City, I am proud of the commitment and contribution that Joe makes to the City as a true Aussie and Ipswichian.

He has been instrumental in seeing many local, State and National events held here in Ipswich. Joe's enthusiasm for the culture and community pride of this City is exemplary and I encourage residents, community members and businesses to support his business.

Mayor Paul Pisasale - City of Ipswich

Introducing Piper Joe

Joe McGhee, or Piper Joe as I am commonly known, or PapaJoe to my grandchildren and god children. I was born and dragged up in Glasgow Scotland. Met and married the love of my life, Liz, and we have 2 wonderful kids (now older kids), Sharon and Neil. We emigrated to Australia in Jan. 1982, and settled in beautiful Ipswich.

Back in Scotland, we were not involved in the piping or pipe band world, however we did start Sharon at Highland Dancing, in Dunfermline, at age 6. Once we arrived in Queensland, we were able to continue Sharon's dancing, with the Colleen Loon School of Highland Dancing in Brisbane, and Sharon went on to excel and had a very successful dancing career, culminating in becoming Queensland Champion and Australian Champion of Champions in 1990. During this period, we had a very frustrated son Neil, who was "not happy Jan" at being dragged all around the country, to Highland Dancing competitions with his sister. That was, until Liz had the brilliant suggestion that maybe, if he became a piper, like the ones on the stage who played for the dancers (and got paid for it), then maybe one day he might be able to pipe at dances for his sister.

This clinched it for Neil (a bit of a chip off the old block). Neil started lessons with the Ipswich Thistle Pipe Band, and he turned out to be a naturally gifted musician, and he very quickly progressed on the pipes and became an integral part of the Band, eventually going on to become the Musical Director of the Band. After Neil had been at the Band for a few years, I was approached by the then Drum Major, and asked if I would consider learning the craft of Drum Majoring, as he would have to go into hospital. So began my own Pipe Band career with Ipswich Thistle Pipe Band.


From 1992 to 1997 I was the Band's Drum Major, and the highlight for me was becoming Queensland Champion Drum Major in 1996, and again in 2002. However, in 1995, I was asked by a good friend of ours (Sally H), if I would do her the honour of piping her down the aisle at her wedding. I replied that I would love to, BUT I don't play the pipes, and after explaining that I was actually the Drum Major, I suggested that Neil would do a wonderful job for her. So, on the day of Sally's wedding, Liz and I were in the church, and the Minister asked everyone to stand. We could hear the pipes starting at the back of the church, and Neil slow marched down the aisle, and past us, playing Amazing Grace, followed by Sally and her Dad, and at that moment I turned to Liz and said…"I should be doing that", and the rest as they say...

It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made, and even though I didn't have a musical bone in my body, and was tone deaf, and couldn't read music, I persevered, and within 12 months, I too was able to play Amazing Grace. That was the tonic that I needed, and I continued my tuition with Ipswich Thistle Pipe Band and also had lessons from the wonderful Doug Thoresen, and eventually was deemed competent enough to become a playing member of the Pipe Band.

Playing with the Ipswich Thistle Pipe Band has given me some wonderful opportunities to play at many great events and competitions, and the opportunity to travel overseas for 5 years in a row. We had tremendous competition success, being crowned Queensland Champions in Grade 3 twice, and in 2005, we won the New Zealand Pipe Band Championship. This was a huge achievement for a civilian Australian Pipe Band, and it had the effect of giving us tremendous exposure and great press coverage. It resulted in us being invited to take part in the biggest Celtic Festival in the world, the 2006 Interceltique Festival de Lorient, in Brittany France. What an experience that was, and from that event we were then invited to represent Queensland and Australia at the first ever International Military Tattoo in Red Square in Moscow, the 2007 Kremlin Zoria. These were some of the incredible highlights in a wonderful Pipe Band career with Ipswich Thistle Pipe Band.

In 2009, after the 100th Anniversary of the Pipe Band, I decided to leave the Band, to go solo and set up my own business as a solo Piper/entertainer, and so Aussie-Scot Events – Bagpipes for ALL Occasions, was formed.

For many years I have been fortunate to have been asked to be a part of many memorable events and occasions, including weddings, funerals, memorial services, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, and what has now become probably my "niche calling", I perform my "Morning Melodies with Piper Joe" concerts at nursing homes, respite centres and aged care facilities. These concerts give me tremendous satisfaction, as I see the joy and happiness on the faces of our "elder citizens", as they enjoy the tunes on the pipes, the sing-a-longs, and the stories from my many and varied exploits from my piping experiences from around the world.

Life as a Piper has certainly been a very entertaining one, and there is never a dull moment.

I am available for any occasions, and mostly anywhere, and because this is my business, I am normally available at short notice for funerals etc. I hope you enjoy browsing the site, and please feel free to contact me for advice and information on events that you may be considering.